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Checking out Tane Vegan Izakaya–Honolulu’s First All Vegan Bar

When you find their wooden door, you should be ready to visit a real Japanese restaurant.

It was hard to decide from their many options. I actually wanted to try everything.

I ordered the shio ramen. If the simplest meal is tasty, it shows they have good quality food overall. Shio just means salt.

The ramen has vegan char siu meat inside. That was chewy and smokey and so realistic!

If no one said this is vegan I would definitely be mad because the texture and taste was so real.

I think I am the pickiest ramen person though and unfortunately the ramen was good but not the same as what I ate in Japan. It’s still higher quality soup and toppings than other restaurant on Oahu.

I loved their crunchy lotus topped rolls with soft rice combination.

I tried almost half the menu with our big group and here’s my favorites:

  • Baker speciality roll with gochujang aioli
  • Gobo maki
  • Roasted Brussel sprouts

I ate all of them before I could even take a picture!

The restrooms were as clean as Japan. Overall the ambiance was really authentic Japanese.

I was so disappointed when I visited Shirokiya at Ala Moana because their restroom signs have Geisha and Samurai and you absolutely won’t see in that Japan.

Tane Vegan Izakaya will not disappoint. I promise!

Their hours are short. 5pm to 10pm. It was very busy. If you want make sure to have a seat, you might need make a reservation.

  • Tane Vegan Izakaya
  • Address: 2065 S Beretania St. Honolulu, HI 96826
  • Phone: (808)888-7678
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