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Love animals? Please join Oahu Animal Save

Hi! This is Michelle Ken Ken. I would like to inform you that we will be having an event coming up soon here in Oahu.

If I asked do you love animals?” or do you care about someone’s death?,” I guess most people will answer yes. At the same time, not so many people think the connection of what people eat with the slaughterhouses that produce their food.

I have visited slaughterhouses twice in the past. During my first visit with my friend, I was checking on the schedule to see when animals would be transported.

The area around the slaughterhouse has a terrible odor, and it was easy to understand that consuming livestock not only harms animals, but contaminates our environment and ruins our neighborhoods.

Cows were actually brought there by when I went to the slaughterhouse entrance. We were waiting for hours in the car while it was hot to get pictures of the area. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I will never meet them again. I remember that my whole body shook and the tears never stopped.

When I visited for the second time, it was still unclear when animals would be brought, so when I was waiting inside of the car. The slaughterhouse owner showed up and called the police and everyone got nervous.

The police officer came to us and said, I was informed that an aggressive and dangerous group is trying to stop business, but this is different from what I heard.”

Yes, we are peaceful.

The police understood that we are just coming to say goodbye before they are killed.

On the contrary, the officers became our friends.

The second visit, we could not find out when animals are coming so it was not successful that day and I went home with no additional informations.

It will be my 3rd time visiting this slaughterhouse on May 14th. It will be still unclear when and what time animals will be brought for their deaths, but we are expected to have a biggest group to witness for animals this time.

Even if the slaughterhouse owner is alerted and animals are not present, we all would like to bring flowers and wish animals peace in their passing. We are gathering our community to become even stronger.

This activity is not intended to be a protest, but it is for the purpose of raising awareness in our community and spreading compassion.

If you would like to join us, let’s meet at Down To Earth Kapolei location at 7:30 am on May 14th.

私は過去に2回、屠殺場を訪れている。 1回目は友達と蒸し暑い中、いつ動物が運ばれてくるかスケジュールを調べていた。


暑い中何時間も車内で待ち、もう諦めてとりあえず周りの風景だけでも写真に収めようとして屠殺場入り口に行ったら偶然、牛が運ばれてきた。  もう二度と会う事がない彼らを見た途端、全身が震えて涙が溢れた思い出がある。




「単に最後にお別れを言いに来ているだけ」と理解した警察は 逆に私たちの味方になってくれた。






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