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What is Loquat Therapy?

loquat therapy

Hello everyone! Are you able to have time to make tea? Stress is the leading cause of diseases and sickness. Even a little time for making tea may give you longer life.

An Ayurvedic doctor told me to study more about your local herbs.” I was surprised because I was studying herbs that were local to India, but he suggested that I look to those in Hawai’i. So I am now learning about Hawaiian herbs.

When I studied what grows here, I found out that one familiar fruit for both Japanese and Hawaiian people is loquat. Loquat is actually very common in Ayurvedic practices.

More than 3000 years ago, the holy scripture called the Mahayana Sutra” said the leaves, branches, stems, and roots of loquat all have medicinal benefits and numerous kinds of sickness can be healed!

We are guessing that the original imported loquat tree to Japan arrived around the Yayoi Period. They grow naturally in Kyushu to Shikoku. Loquat has spread around Asia in conjunction with Buddhism medicine around the Nara period.

Originally, Hindu monks were in the caste responsible for taking care of people. Japanese Buddhist monks were also trusted with the medical care of people. During this time loquat spread throughout the country, signifying it’s importance to Japanese people.

An important component of loquat is Amygdalin. It is suitable for the treatment of cancer. On the other hand, it not useful to only be taking an extract from it. The key point is to utilize not only parts of loquat but all that is included to make it a living fruit.

With loquat therapy, we also have loquat leaves treatment. Using leaves for chronic pain can correct the root causes during this treatment. For example, making tea from raw leaves or intaking them as add raw leaves to alcohol can provide great results. Human bodies are acidic when they are sick, but when you keep taking loquat treatment these properties will become alkaline and increase in their natural healing power.

What does this look like? Thank you for waiting! I will show you this example about how to make strong immune system tea using raw loquat leaves. On the backs of loquat leaves there are some hairy parts so it is needed to wash them carefully by sponge.

Cut them all into less than 1 inch intervals. Boiling them in water until the water becomes a reddish color. When you boil them until they turn red, you may taste little bitter taste but I can drink it now without discomfort. If you don’t like that taste, you can continue boiling the leave until the water turns to yellow. That won’t be bitter.

Of course this treatment needs to be combined with taking care of your diet too. In all treatments, the patients must own this feeling of strongly believing that they really want to cured. If the patient thinks ah, somebody can treat me.” Like a doctor? No, no, you needed to be cured by YOU.

Through several years of study and receiving direct instruction on application, I can provide loquat leaf treatment. If you seriously want to keep taking therapy, please feel free to contact me to ask about the cost.

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