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EEG Adjustment

EEG adjustment was developed in Japan. This technique is clinically proven to positively affect brain waves through altering the frequency they operate at. In fact, EEG adjustment therapy is being run to improve athletes performance in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.

Brain waves are measured in Hz: Alpha Brain Waves (1.8 Hz — 12 Hz). 1.8 Hz — 10 Hz = Alpha 1 (slow alpha). 2.10 Hz — 12 Hz = Alpha 2 (relaxed and alert). Different states of brainwaves are affected by different systems in the body. For example when sleeping or meditating the parasympathetic nervous system take precedence, this results in muscles relaxing but puts them in a state where they are difficult to improve. If the sympathetic nerve is preferred, the muscles become stiff.

Humans are at their best when their brain waves are 10 to 13 hertz. This can be achieved through EEG adjustment resulting in improved:

  • Concentration
  • Balance of autonomic nervous system (improvement of internal function)
  • Muscle balance
  • Posture
  • Emotional control
  • Pain control

You will be able to create your own EEG adjustments internally by yourself when you receive weekly. The added benefit is that as alpha-2 brainwaves increase, dopamine increases, and as dopamine increases, pain is reduced.

You will always receive an EEG adjustment before Biwa Therapy.

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