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Aloha, my name is Michelle Ken Ken. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan, but I am now living on Oahu, Hawaii with my two dogs.

I work as a health guide and my goal is to share useful, free information about alternative medicine and body therapy. Formerly, I worked as a massage therapist at several island hotels. I quickly realized selling unhealthy products that were tested on animals and doing tourist-style lomi lomi was disrespectful and not the right fit for me.

After this time, I began working on a project that involved teaching Ayurvedic therapy to Japanese students. Even this was not of the quality that I experienced in India and I felt guilty to continue.

Through volunteering with local animal rights organizations, I found a community of strong, passionate friends. My goal is to offer as much care and advice that I can give to this community.

My favorites:

  • Characters: Doraemon, Snoopy, Motoko Kusanagi, The Joker
  • Food: ramen, sushi, ume, and almost anything with almond butter on it
  • Movies: The Dark Knight trilogy and any cyberpunk anime
  • Music: 60’s reggae/ska, Skate punk, and Goa/psytrance
  • Misc.: vintage clothes, peacock blue-colored things

Random moments in my life:

  • Living in a tent for a year in Australia at the largest pineapple farm in the world.
  • Visiting Augustus Pablo’s house in Jamaica.
  • Freezing while trying to sleep in a car at the Williston Hotel to earn money for my trip to southern Africa.
  • Getting constantly called a muzungu” in Zambia while volunteering.


I love to do illustration, especially for a good cause with animal rights organizations. My most recent project was for Aloha Animal Sanctuary to tell Haku’s story.

You can also check out my coloring book!

I use Tayasui Sketches with an iPad Pro.


-Setsu Mode Seminar graduated

-Bunka Fashion College graduated

-Licensed Massage Therapist

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